At Abrakam
We are driven by Passion.

We are a team of enthusiastic artists, game designers, developers and marketers...
and above all we are all gamers, passionate about creating exciting
strategy game experiences for both core and hardcore players.

We believe in hiring the most talented people to grow the team,
making Abrakam a place where we can all learn from each other.

Join us on our journey to help shape the next generation of PC and console strategy games!

Our Core values
We live and breathe by them.

Break the Rules

take calculated risks to venture into something that hasn’t been done before

Enjoy Playing

love the industry you are in, never lose your passion for gaming

Be Superhuman

thrive at solving the impossible and learning on the job

Players First

when you build something, you build it for the players

Meet some of our team
and discover what sets us apart.

David Taralla

Unity Developer

As a little boy, I enjoyed creating content & maps for my favorite games. This lead me to become a developer, with the dream to work in a video game company. Abrakam made this dream come true; I can now use my programming skills to make the game designer's visions take shape and make Faeria an even better game for its players, every day!

From maintaining live servers to debugging the client and making Faeria on mobile devices actually become a thing, my work has spread in all directions since I joined the great Abrakam family.

Gary Morris

Community Manager

There's a wealth of valuable information out there. It's boiling inside the heads of the players. A big part of my job is to carefully tap into that collective intelligence and spray it, still steaming hot, into the open ears of the development team. It sounds a lot more painful than it really is.

As a lifetime gamer, it's refreshing to routinely be able to bring the voice of the player directly to receptive developers and witness the improvements that result. You'll never get more deck slots though, sorry.