Abrakam Entertainment

Our mission is to deliver groundbreaking Strategy Game experiences
where both single and multiplayer enthusiasts gather on their favourite devices.
Our journey started with Faeria, a unique and critically acclaimed Strategy Card Game which launched early 2017.

An epic journey
that started a decade ago!

Abrakam is officially born and Faeria goes on Kickstarter

The development of Faeria was going at full speed by this time and the praise received during Pax and Spiel led to our creating a Kickstarter campaign to test the market and prove the potential of Faeria. This Kickstarter was supported by more than 2,600 fantastic backers, raising over $94,000!


From Flash to Unity and €1M Seed Funding Round

Our success on Kickstarter made us realise that Faeria had the potential to grow beyond just a PC audience but it meant rebuilding it from the ground up using Unity. In our quest we met the Belgian incubator and seed accelerator The Faktory who led the first investment round for Abrakam, which totaled €1M.


Faeria launches on Steam Early Access

March 2016, Faeria launched as an Early Access title on Steam, with the goal of gathering feedback from passionate players, allowing us to strengthen the core gameplay while building the additional features that would make their way into Faeria's official release. To date, several hundred thousand enthusiasts have tested and loved Faeria ahead of its official release in early 2017.



Abrakam was commissioned by swedish publisher Paradox to work on an important project requiring them to shift the whole team. After 1 year of development, that project got canceled unfortunately.


There and back again.

After a shift from F2P to Premium and 10 DLCs released, Faeria now has 700.000 registered accounts and is getting released on more devices and stores, thanks to a partnership with US publisher Versus Evil.



With an epic journey,
comes an epic team.

Along the way, the Abrakam family has grown with the addition of incredibly talented people
in the development, game design, art and business branches. We are always on the lookout for new kick-ass gaming enthusiasts.

Jean-Michel Vilain


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Patrick Gigase


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+ awesome team members

talented artists, game designers & developers;
unconventional nerds, avid gamers ...

Want to join us ?

The Faktory is a private Tech Startup Accelerator &
Seed Investment Fund. We benefit every day
from their guidance and infrastructure.

Introducing Faeria
Strategy Card Game Meets Living Board

Faeria combines the core values of Strategy Card Games together with a Living Board, giving you the ability to shape the board as you play to create mind-blowing strategies.

Each game of Faeria is not only unique, beautiful and fast-paced but also highly competitive with upcoming features such as an observer mode and integrated tournaments. Faeria is now available in Free to Play!